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Farm Science Review

September 22-24, 2015



Best Safety Practices when working within a Confined Space

Dee Jepsen, OSUE State Safety Leader in cooperation with Penn State University and Heritage Cooperative demonstrate confined space issues when working with gases and dust at the Farm Science Review.

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Biofuels Crops Demonstrated at the 2011 FSR

Harold Watters, Champaign County Ag/NR Educator, talks about the different types of Biofuels demonstrated at the Farm Science Review.

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Sustainable Fuel from Algae

The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center and Touchstone Research Laboratory partner to develop fuel from algae that grows in farm ponds. This algae produces more oil than soybeans.

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Sustaining Your Farm with Energy Alternatives

Researchers at Ohio State University hope to help small scale dairy farmers with biodigesters that turn manure into methane gas. This gas can be used to heat the water in a dairy farm used for cleaning and save the farmer money. A by-product of the process can be used as fertilizer for crops.

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