All former Farm Science Review and Farm Operations student employees are members of the FSR/FO Alumni Society.  Currently there are no dues to sustain membership although giving back in the form of service and donations to society supported funds is encouraged.  If you are a member that would like to be added to the information list, please send your name, address, email address, and phone number to  There is also a Facebook closed group that you can request access to join.

Membership in the Farm Science Review Alumni Society provides many opportunities to gather with friends of yesteryear and the students graduating today. Along with membership in the FSR Alumni Society, membership in the OSU Alumni Association has become easier and more beneficial to the Farm Science Review. In the past, your membership monies went to OSU Alumni Association. Now those monies can be directed to funds that the FSR uses for education and upgrading the Molly Caren Ag. Center. The flyer linked below explains how to be an OSU Alumni member and the funds that can be directed to the FSR.

OSU/FSR Alumni Association/Society Membership Flyer

FSR Life Members:

Scott Blair, Raymond Broeske, Lee and Tammie Brown, Mark Clark, Craig Fendrick, Lyle Fendrick, Jim Given, Frank Goodwill, Grant Grooms, Genny Groves, Doug Jennings, Dave Kahler, Paul Leidheiser, Mike and Shelli (Suhr) Maran, Betsy (Risch) Cremeans, Becky (Roush) Moehl, Dan Morrison, Kevin Persinger, Brent Philbrook, Linda Roberts, Clay Rose, Larry Schriver, Kenley Schwendeman, Pat Sheridan, Dean Slates, Royden Smith, Jeff Weeks, Debbie Young-Bowden.