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Endowments and Funds that support the Farm Science Review & Molly Caren Ag Center.

The proceeds from these funds assist in educational opportunities, site enhancements and student scholarships.

Farm Science Review, Molly Caren Agricultural Center, Capital Improvement Fund
For building and grounds improvements or enhancements to the Molly Caren Agricultural Center, including but not limited to the Farm Science Review exhibit area. Fund Number: 307837

The Utzinger Memorial Garden Fund
Established in 2004, by the Utzinger Family, Farm Science Review Alumni Association, friends, garden enthusiasts and businesses associated with the Farm Science Review in memory of Dr. James (Jim) Utzinger, former Horticulture and Crop Sciences Faculty member. The fund should be used to maintain and improve the established Utzinger Memorial Garden at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center. Fund Number: 607438

The Robinson Craig Fendrick-Gwynne Conservation Fund
Established February 7, 2003 in his memory by the Farm Science Review Alumni Association, the Gwynne Conservation Area Committee, family and friends through The Foundation. Income supports educational programs and their maintenance for the Gwynne Conservation Area at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center. Fund Number: 642172

The Dale T. Friday Scholarship Fund
Established February 4, 1994, by the Farm Science Review Alumni Association, in cooperation with Mr. Friday, his family and friends. Income supports scholarships to Farm Science Review student employees in recognition of their employment and academic record and need. Fund Number: 602325

The James H. Given Jr Farm Science Review Educational Improvement Fund Established September, 23, 2005, the annual distribution shall be used to cover expenses encountered by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences’ students, faculty, and staff in construction of educational displays, exhibits, and facilities in the Farm Science Review Central Exhibit Area and the Gwynne Conservation Area, which is made available to all Ohioans during the annual Farm Science Review. Fund Number: 642535

The Dan Kush Gwynne Conservation Area Educational Fund
Established October 28, 2009 with gifts from the friends of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Soil and Water Conservation Districts, of the Farm Science Review, and of the Gwynne Conservation Area at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center, in memory of Dan Kush, used in the development and implementation of educational programs, exhibits, and displays to enhance the public’s knowledge of natural resources and conservation management in the Gwynne Conservation area with first preference given to the provision of quality educational opportunities for the Ohio school children that utilize the site as an outdoor classroom. Fund Number: 603868

For more information about one of these endowments and how it can support the Farm Science Review, please contact Nick Zachrich, or Matthew Sullivan, or 614-292-4278.

To support one of the FSR Endowments, please follow this link: Just put the fund number in the search box and follow the directions.