Volunteer at the Farm Science Review

There are many opportunities to volunteer at the Farm Science Review. Everyday volunteers make a difference to improve all aspects of the Farm Science Review.

Here is a list of volunteer opportunities at the Farm Science Review:

Gwynne Conservation Area - The Gwynne Conservation Area is a 67-acre natural area with ponds, wetland, stream, prairies, tree plantations and much more. There are volunteer opportunities for wildlife observations and assisting with the annual Farm Science Review. For more information about assisting with the Gwynne contact Marne Titchenell.

Madison County Master Gardeners - The Madison County Master Gardeners work in the Gwynne Conservation Area. For more information about assisting with the Garden contact Janet Wasko Myers.

Farm Science Review - One of the largest areas to volunteer during the annual FSR is at our Farm Machinery Antique Buildings. If you have interest in volunteering, contact Matthew Sullivan.