Exhibitor Show Guide Scam (Fair Guide)

It has come to the attention of several members of the Farm Show Council ( http://www.farmshowcouncil.org/ ) - World Ag Expo, Farm Progress Show, Husker Harvest Days, Sunbelt Ag Expo and Farm Science Review to name a few - that a SCAM continues in regard to the Fair Guide, published by an Austrian-based firm.

This scam entails a notice sent to you or your company in regard to advertising in the guide with a farm show name that your company participates listed on the letter.

It "appears" on the communication from the Fair Guide that an alliance exists between many Farm Show Council members and the publishers of the Fair Guide.

BEWARE ... an alliance does not exist and it is simply a method to bilk your company out of advertising dollars!

If you have participated in this scheme unintentionally, The following information may assist in your situation if your company has signed an agreement.

Please contact those in your organization, particularly your company representatives involved in marketing/advertising, to advise them to beware of this communication!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chuck Gamble or any of the shows that you participate in. This scam has existed for many years - 8 plus to my knowledge - please take every effort to see that your company isn't affected!!