Farm Science Review in the Classroom

Farm Scinece Review contuines to support education in the class room. 

FSR staff are currently in the process of updating curriculum for educators use and will be available before the show for 2024.

FIRST STEP Educational Orientation Guide

The First Step Program encompasses the total visit to Farm Science Review for a field trip.  It all starts with the ticket voucher system that eliminates the need to handle single tickets and worrying if you have the exact number the day of the trip.  First Step also includes an orientation on the bus from the local FFA chapter in London.  While on site during the day, First Step also provides educational opportunities with a worksheet related to sign boards around the site as well as training for the envirothon at the Gwynne Conservation Area being led by students in the ACEL program at CFAES.  The goal of this program is to have more educational sessions and activities for the students to interact with and participate.

We invite you to explore all the areas of Farm Science Review and not simply the exhibit area.  Opportunities also exist in the East end of the exhibit area where anitque tractor clubs are on display as well as educational agronomic plots staffed by OSU Extension personnel.  By riding the shuttle located at the West end of Friday Avenue, students can visit the Gwynne Conservation Area where there are more exhibitors, presentations, shuttle tours, and archery.  Field Demonstrations will also be in this area where there are many machines in operation including drones and combines.

Please feel free to print this provided worksheet related to signs located around the site.  Maps are available in the FSR program, on the website, and also on the mobile app.  The associated state teaching standards are also available here.

Commercial Exhibits

We will completely fill the commercial exhibit area this year, with over 630 exhibitors from all over North America.  Encourage your students to survey the grounds and learn about the different agribusinesses available to assist farmers in both crop and animal production as well as in areas of natural resources conservation.

OSU Central

The McCormick, Bailey, Firebaugh and buildings as well as the Utzinger Garden are home to OSU displays and programming, an area where we feature information from OSU colleges and departments. This year's displays focus on farm health and safety, cancer prevention, farm management programs, financial and economical information, the environment, and human and community development. Concurrent sessions will take place in the McCormick Building, Utzinger Garden and Ask the Experts.  Outside in the Utzinger Garden, sessions offer tips about home yards and gardens.  The Bailey Building is where Buckeye World will assist your students in understanding the opportunities that exist at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.  Also visit the College of Veterinary Medicine tent for fun activities and information.

Antique Farm Equipment

The popular antique equipment building at the corner of Friday Ave and Market St, has overflowed into the William L. George Building at the corner of Friday Ave and Hay St. More than 1,600 pieces of farm machinery, garden equipment and kitchen utensils between 1800 and 1930 are in our collection. Special attractions are the 1805 wooden moldboard plow, antique garden tractors and an 1860 Milwaukee reaper. Look for the newest pieces including a horse-drawn milk wagon and a 1923 Model T milk truck!

Center for Small Farms

The Center for Small Farms is located at the corner of Corn Ave and Beef St (Lot 155).  The Center was established to provide information to smaller acreage farming operations.  Programming at the Center for Small Farms includes: SARE Producer Grants, Berry Production, Pasture Raised Poultry, Organic Apple Production, Agri-Tourism and Advertising, Meat Goat Production, Developing Fair Rents, and many more.

Farm Science Review Mission

The mission of the Farm Science Review is to provide access to current knowledge and technologies which enhance the quality of life and market competitiveness of individuals, families, industries, and communities.  This mission is accomplished by showcasing research, products, services, and experience through educational exhibits, presentations, and demonstrations on crop and livestock industries, natural resources and life-styles.


With the FIRST STEP Orientation, a London HS FFA student will greet you and your students on the bus and provide a short informational greeting. We will ask that you fill out a contact sheet for us that will assist in contacting you or your school during the visit, if needed.

2024 FSR Features at a Glance

This is the 61st Farm Science Review, the 41th at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center.  It features…

  • 2,100 total acres.
  • 100 acres of exhibit space.
  • 700-plus acres of field demonstrations
  • Hundreds of demonstration plots and several million dollars worth of machinery.
  • Over 650 commercial exhibitors will represent more than 4,000 companies.
  • 100,000-plus annual visitors
  • Twenty second year inductions into the Farm Science Review Hall of Fame.
  • Ohio Farmer Conservation Awards; Thursday at 11:30.
  • OSU Central, featuring demonstrations and displays from OSU colleges and departments.
  • Lots of farm safety, home safety and health information.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) demonstrations in the demonstration fields.
  • Expanded programs on conservation practices in the Gwynne Conservation Area.
  • An arts and crafts exhibit tent.

Site Location

The Ohio State University's 2100-acre Molly Caren Agricultural Center is located two miles north of London on U.S. Route 40. From the east, take Interstate 70 to S.R. 29 south and follow U.S. 40 west. From the north, take S.R. 56 to U.S. 40 east or S.R. 42 to U.S. 40 west. From the south, take S.R. 38 to the site. And from the west, exit I-70 at U.S. 40 east of Springfield.

Farm Science Review Hours:

Tuesday, September 17         8:00am-5:00pm

Wednesday, September 18    8:00am-5:00pm

Thursday, September 19        8:00am-4:00pm


The following suggestions will improve effectiveness of this educational experience:

  • Review the contents of this packet and design a lesson plan specific to the content your students are studying.
  • Plan a student/chaperon ratio of 15:1.
  • The day before, give assignments to all students and review the rules they need to follow.
  • Do not bring students who lack self-discipline.
  • Do not allow students to return to the bus until a specific departure time.  If sack lunches are stored on the bus, plan to have the bus driver or yourself present as students pick them up.  Students are to be in the bus area only when they are supervised.
  • Radios will not be permitted on the grounds.
  • Students should dress in the same manner as they would when going to class with the exception of protective clothing (i.e., boots if the day is rainy, jackets if the weather is cool.)
  • Encourage students to wear FFA apparel (hats, t-shirts, jackets, etc).
  • After visiting the Farm Science Review, assess the happenings of the day in class to emphasize the opportunities in agricultural technology and correct any misconceptions that some may have observed.