How to attend FSR as a School Group

First Step Program

The First Step Program at Farm Science Review assists educators with planning needs while visiting the national three-day agricultural trade show. This program is trending in participation with more schools getting involved each year.


We invite you to consider using the resources provided if you choose to bring students to Farm Science Review 2024.

See the information below that will assist your visit to Farm Science Review as well as the opportunities provided with the First Step Program, and our new Student Engagement Center,

All visitors to Farm Science Review 2024 are encouraged to download our mobile app or use out web-based online directory.

Be watching our website for press releases that will assist in planning your visit at FSR to see who the exhibitors are and what educational opportunities will be provided.


New for 2023- FSR Student Engagement Center

The Farm Science Review Student Engagement Center is in the inaugural year to enhance the First Step Program that provides teachers and high school students an organized educational experience that includes field trip registration with preshow communications, admissions, and onsite education at Farm Science Review. The Student Engagement Center will be located in a tent adjacent to Gate J where school groups enter the show site that will serve several objectives including a welcome area to distribute show information, house exhibitors with focus on students as their audience, and a wrap-up location to reflect on their experiences before boarding buses to return home.

The Student Engagement Center will be the distribution location for the FSR Student Passport that will encourage students to collect stamps from several OSU educational areas and several exhibitor booths. Stamps will be earned by completing an activity or visiting each area in the passport. Participants of the passport are Exhibitors and OSU program areas.


How to order tickets

Price of tickets

Presale ticket price for all those above the age of 5 is $10.00. General Admission tickets or the day of ticket price is $15.00, no exceptions. Those under 5 years old, do not need a ticket.


Ways to Pre-purchase Tickets

There are multiple ways pre-purchase tickets, however we suggest using the First Step Voucher. The First Step voucher is a group ticket that is created from the information that you provide to us.


Why should you use the voucher?


  • You do not need an exact number of tickets! You can create a purchase order as your school allows for a max number of students you could possibly bring. After you have visited, we will only invoice for the number of people who attended that day.


  • There is no way to forget your tickets! We provide a copy of the voucher to our gate workers at Gate J which is where we direct all buses to park. We do suggest to bring a copy of your voucher if you can so we can get you through the gate faster.


  • You can make changes at ANY time! Register today and you can make changes later. We do request that you finalize your MAX number when school begins in the fall and let us know by SEPTEMBER 15th if you have additions. As a reminder, we suggest to register the MAX amount of students you can bring.



What else does the First Step Program offer?


Regardless of if you take advantage of the voucher system at Farm Science Review, please consider utilizing some of the other portions of First Step.



Teachers and students in buses and school vans will be greeted by members of the London FFA as they share a reminder about who your students represent, highlight some of the things to see, and ask you to provide emergency contact information.


Worksheet Scavenger Hunt

Posters containing information on a variety of agriculture areas will be placed in various locations around the site. A worksheet with questions pertaining to each poster creates a scavenger hunt for visiting students. Each poster meets different state standards for the content area.


Educational Resources

The resources enclosed in your voucher packet email can be found digitally at website under the “Schools” tab. A similar activity is planned for FSR 2023 and can be accessed from the same page during your preparations in September before visiting Farm Science Review.


A tailored presentation by the Agricultural, Communication, Education, and Leadership Department (ACEL) with OSU. ACEL will provide three different educational sessions for high school students at the Gwynne Conservation Area from 8:30am – 1:30pm all three days of the show.